Who We Are

HealthGenYZ is a young adult healthcare advocacy & healthcare technology company, focused on physical, mental, social and financial health, and its delivery of care affecting young adults. Share your voice, and help us build a healthier, more inclusive future for all.

Our Goals

As our organization continues to grow, we commit ourselves to empowering young adults to make informed, influential decisions on issues that affect their personal health and healthcare delivery options.

We provide insight, guidance, resources, and a pathway for positive change in the healthcare industry, specifically pertaining to healthcare delivery & healthcare technology for young adults. We advocate on behalf of young adults in hopes of helping them overcome any obstacles that affect their ability to shape a healthcare industry that works for them, while simultaneously designating collaborative efforts between young adults, healthcare leaders, and policymakers.

Donations to schools, charities and non-profits are a priority for us as we believe in empowering communities to better serve population health. Ask us about our fundraising program! 

We are grateful to our community, and to show our appreciation, we provide scholarship opportunities to empower students through large giveaways, and random prizes to enhance the lives of our readers. Connect with us to build a healthier future now.