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HealthGenYZ is a young adult healthcare advocacy & healthcare technology company, focused on physical, mental, social and financial health, and its delivery of care affecting young adults.

5 Things You Must Do When You Get Your Hospital Bill


Hey GenZers, Did you or a family member get a hospital bill you can’t afford, or feel is too expensive? Here are 5 things you absolutely MUST do when you get a hospital bill, that could reduce your bill: […]

Hospital Charges Stats

Hospital Charges Stats

Based on a comprehensive Hospital Charges Stats analysis, it is estimated that 80% of medical bills contain errors. 22% of privately insured patients received care from out-of-network doctors after 8.9 million ER bills were reviewed by Yale Researches


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As societies continue to grow, and accessibility to healthcare continues to evolve, we at HealthGenYZ will continue to advocate on behalf of young adults, to ensure the healthcare industry is inclusive & available to everyone. To help us achieve this advocacy, we often conduct comprehensive surveys with incentivized rewards, to help craft better healthcare delivery experiences for younger generations.