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A photograph of a person in a short-sleeve blue shirt having their blood drawn from a doctor in a blood drive

Why You Should Seriously Consider Donating Blood

Have you ever considered donating blood? Now would be an ideal time. The American Red Cross announced a blood crisis earlier this year, citing its worst blood shortage in over a decade. Learn more about that process here. #RedCross #BloodDrive

A photograph of a plasma lamp; a clear glass globed container, with a mixture of various noble gases, with a high-voltage electrode in the center.

My Nursing School Journey (pt.1)

Halfway through term 2 out of 4 in my nursing school trajectory and I am fatigued, with pain 2/10, HR is
60, BP is 125/80, and my LOC is A&O x 3. Going in I had all kinds of expectations and perceptions about
my success. #Nursing #Healthcare

2 clear glasses of water, and a clear water pitcher in the background, all sitting on a wooden table, casting shadows and light refraction.

10 Ways To Drink More Water

There are at least 10 ways to drink more water. As soon as you wake up drink 2 glasses of water as soon as possible. You should also drink a glass or at least a half glass of water after you go to the bathroom. #HealthyHabits #Water

A photograph of 2 unopened condom packages on a yellow backdrop

Why Are We Seeing A Rise In STDs?

Why are we seeing a rise in STDs? We take a deeper look into why this is happening, how the CDC is managing it, and how healthcare professionals are understaffed & overworked to be able to properly manage it. #STDs

A large stack of mail, and other miscellaneous envelopes.


Hey GenZers, Did you or a family member get a hospital bill you can’t afford, or feel is too expensive? Here are 5 things you absolutely MUST do when you get a hospital bill, that could reduce your bill: […]

A hand catching dental equipment, with a laptop and a desk blurred out in the background.

Hospital Charges Stats

Based on a comprehensive Hospital Charges Stats analysis, it is estimated that 80% of medical bills contain errors. 22% of privately insured patients received care from out-of-network doctors after 8.9 million ER bills were reviewed by Yale Researches

An art mural by Damon Smyth, in memoriam of Elijah McClain, a young Black man murdered by police.

Black Lives Matter!

Black Lives Matter! And it’s long past time we had a very honest, and open conversation about Black lives, and how they are impacted in the United States […]