10 Ways To Drink More Water

2 clear glasses of water, and a clear water pitcher in the background, all sitting on a wooden table, casting shadows and light refraction.

10 Ways To Drink More Water

There are at least 10 ways to drink more water. As soon as you wake up drink 2 glasses of water as soon as possible. You should also drink a glass or at least a half glass of water after you go to the bathroom:

  1.  Use an App
  2.  High Tech Water Bottle
  3. Recruit a friend to encourage each other to drink more water and report to each other what is working better for each other. 
  4. Eat your H20 – 
  5. Every time you finish and go to refill your water bottle pull off a rubberband
  6. Enlist a friend to do the same
  7. Set a timer
  8. Use a gallon sized water bottle
  9. For every cup of coffee drink a glass of water
  10. Add Flavor 

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