Black Lives Matter!

An art mural by Damon Smyth, in memoriam of Elijah McClain, a young Black man murdered by police.

Black Lives Matter!

Black Lives Matter! And it’s long past time we had a very honest, and open conversation about Black lives, and how they are impacted in the United States of America. As an organization, we know racism is not only systemic among law enforcement, but also within the healthcare industry. In 2018, The National Center for Health Statistics concluded that Black American Women were dying at a rate of 2.5 times more than White American Women, due to child labor complications. The conclusion of these complications is the culmination of a multitude of factors, including, but not limited to institutional racism. In a 2007 – 2016 report by the CDC, Black American Women were reported dying at a rate of 3.2 times more than White American Women. Are things changing for the better? Sure, they’re changing, but frankly, not fast enough. And more importantly, this never should have been an issue in the first place.

The concept of “All Lives Matter” is disingenuous, because clearly they don’t, and that’s abhorrent. We cannot, and will not accept exceptions. Only until All Black Lives Matter, and are treated as such at every cornerstone of society, without prejudice, and without bias, will All Lives truly Matter.

As an organization owned & managed by a minority small business owner & Woman of color, and creatively maintained by a minority designer & developer of color, HealthGenYZ will not tolerate the dissemination of racist stereotypes and / or misinformation, under any circumstances. We are committed to preserving & uplifting all human life, (including, and most importantly the most marginalized among us in society). This is our commitment, as an organization, to uphold these values, strictly, and with pride, to maintain credibility amongst our community, our constituents, our colleagues, our partners, our affiliates, and really anyone who comes into contact with, or interacts with any of our digital properties, representatives, or brand via social media.

Please join us, as an organization, in pledging to commit to being anti-racist. It’s simply not enough to not be racist. We have to be anti-racist. And we have to hold each other accountable. Speak to each other, to your partners, your lovers, your family, your coworkers, your colleagues, and anyone else who will listen, who are not yet a part of HealthGenYZ, and demand commitments to uphold these values. We cannot move forward as a society until we fully address these inequities & grievances, and fully eradicate the systemic institutions that uphold these abhorrent, racist practices, that have plagued our society, as a whole, for far too long.

Black Lives Matter!

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  1. Carlos

    Great article, I pledge to be anti-racist and join you with my commitment. Thank you @healthgenyz

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