Hospital Charges Stats

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Hospital Charges Stats

Sourced by Becker’s Hospital Review –

Based on a comprehensive Hospital Charges Stats analysis, it is estimated that 80% of medical bills contain errors.

22% of privately insured patients received care from out-of-network doctors after 8.9 million ER bills were reviewed by Yale Researches.

Chargemasters, (a comprehensive list of the products, procedures, and services of a hospital) have been reported to be  3 times higher than what a hospital is paid for providing care, giving them leverage in negotiations with insurers. 

The New York Law reduced out-of-network billing by 34 percent and lowered in-network emergency physician payments by 9 percent.

Nearly one-third of privately insured Americans receive surprise medical bills.

Data sourced by CFPB, Advisory Board, and Kaiser Family Foundation

59 percent of Americans are contacted by a debt collector, while 16 percent of Americans’ credit reports include medical debt, and 1 in 4 Americans has trouble paying a medical bill.

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