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A photograph of an event for VOICE, a Blockchain-powered social network, in an auditorium filled with people, with a single male individual standing on a black, reflective stage, with the words, "VOICE" spelled out in red, pink, and blue behind him.

Voice: A Blockchain-Powered Social Network

The idea of a blockchain-powered social network platform seems like a no-brainer. Especially considering the state of social media, and social network platforms in general, and how they’re in complete disarray. […]

A photograph of a pair of reading glasses, with an array of computer screens previewing lines of code and wave forms in the background.

How Blockchain Technology Is Reshaping Medical Records

With the recent advancements in the latest implemented blockchain technology (Blockchain 2.0), we’re seeing a huge adoption of that technology within the medical industry, specifically in regards to medical record keeping. […]