Apple Watch Series 5 – What Can You Expect From It?

A photograph of a collection of Apple Watch Series 5 watches, comprised of yellow, blue, and pink color-ways.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5: So if you were anywhere near a computer or smart phone this Tuesday, September 10th, you probably caught wind of the new Apple Keynote Event 2019, highlighting their new product releases for this holiday season.

One area of their keynote that we were particularly interested in was the new Apple Watch. Since the inception of the Apple Watch, any health enthusiast, or even healthcare practitioner can see that Apple is a leader when it comes to wearable tech, and even more-so with integrated healthcare technology.

With an almost seamless integration of base-level monitoring features, e.g. their ECG monitor, Menstrual Cycle planner, cardio vascular exercise recommendations, and dietary & glucose monitors, it’s clear the Apple Watch is second to none when promoting healthy living.

But of course, none of that means anything if there are privacy concerns, (which clearly people have, especially with recent breaches of user data concerning other tech giants, which will remain nameless). Fortunately, we can say with absolute certainty that Apple has maintained privacy & data security above all else when it comes to the integration of wearable tech that monitors your exercise routines, pulse via ECG, and other health-related monitoring features. So rest assured, your personal data is protected with Apple Watch.

Overall, we’re excited about the new features of the new Apple Watch, and we’re looking forward to future iterations and performance improvements in the coming years.

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