The Gamification of Healthcare – Surgical Training and Assessments

Gamification of Healthcare
The Gamification of Healthcare

Who would have thought that gaming & healthcare would ever become intertwined. As gaming becomes more and more mainstream and accepted, the healthcare industry is finding the gamification of healthcare to have quite the enormous impact on patients & healthcare practitioners alike.

Oculus Gaming Headset

One such company that is finding quite the ROI by adopting such prevalent gaming technology in healthcare is OSSO VR, a VR-based surgical training program to help train & assess future generations of surgeons.

Headed by Dr. Justin Barad, who’s background is in gaming, Dr. Barad identified an industry need for significant advancement, when it comes to surgical training practices. By applying his game-development background as a solution to this antiquated problem, along with the latest advancements in VR, Dr. Barad was able to formulate actionable solutions with OSSO VR, while simultaneously mitigating complication rates when learning new surgical techniques, thus revolutionizing the surgical training & assessment industry. And quite marvelously, we might add.

We’re really looking forward to seeing future advancements & applications by OSSO VR in the healthcare industry.

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